Today, 800 meters from the birthplace of Jesus Christ, one special door is always open to the poor and destitute expectant mothers; Holy Family Hospital - Bethlehem, a state of the art maternity hospital, because "the poorest deserve the best".


1882:The Community of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul buys a large plot of land in Bethlehem and constructs an 80 bed general hospital and an orphanage which they inaugurate in 1885.

1985: The hospital is obliged to close its operation for socio-political and economic situation due to the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Daughters of Charity entrusts the renovation and the management of the hospital to the Sovereign Order of Malta.

1990: After a five year renovation period, the 28 bed maternity was inaugurated.
26th February 1990: the first baby is born in the new facility.

1995:Outreach clinics were introduced in order to reach the very poor at his doorstep. We started going with a mobile clinic to areas in the Judean Desert where people still live in tents and shacks and lack everything including sanitary facilities, electricity and running water.

1998:Opening of the new 10 bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit due to the lack of this facility in the whole region

2001:The first extension of the hospital raises its capacity to 47 beds and includes a large outpatient facility and the addition of a second operating room.

2007: A milestone year for the hospital with the increase of the capacity from 47 to 63 beds due to the ever increasing demand (e.g. the occupancy rate of the neonatal Unit was reaching over 120%). A new floor is inaugurated housing a new Labor Ward and a larger Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

2013: Holy Family Hospital has delivered over than 57.000 since 1990 (now around 3200 deliveries per year).

  • The hospital provides the only available medical care for high-risk pregnancies.
  • Very rapidly, the hospital has developed into the primary maternity referral center for the Bethlehem District With a growing reputation for high quality care, more and more mothers are coming long distances mainly from the Hebron area South of Bethlehem and more recently from villages east of Jerusalem, due to the construction of the wall.

2014: Holy Family Hospital has reached over than 60.000 delivery since 1990.

2016: Holy Family Hospital has reached over than 70.000 delivery since 1990.

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